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Bringing fun & entertainment to Tech industry

our story

Our mission is to build and grow a vibrant & supportive Lazy programmer community which speaks the same technology language.

Behind the Lazy programmer there is a passionate team built with a desire to bring joy, fun, and laugh to people working in the tech industry & show that tech can be really entertaining. But honestly, we do it mostly because it's a lot of fun for us.

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Image by Edwin Andrade
Image by Antenna

After having grown a community of remarkable online presents, we are launching Lazy Nights for Lazy programmers worldwide.


Lazy Nights For Lazy programmers

is an offline global meetup movement with a platform for international events where Lazy programmers get to share their tech stories, tips, tricks, productivity hacks & projects they are working on. 


International Meetups

are a great platform for networking, project sharing, learning new technology, search for partners or co-founders and of course for new career or business opportunities.


Every Month Different Meetups

happen worldwide where Lazy programmer community members speak up about their life experience in coding, tech & technology and do a lot of networking. 


Search Upcoming Meetups

in your area, visit international meetups or become a city leader and bring laugh, joy and tech entertainment to your city. 

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