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Image by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov
Image by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov


Help Lazy programmer community to succeed by engaging in a unique and organic way with a global tech movement

lazy nights

What does it mean to be a city leader?

A city leader is a local Lazy Nights for Lazy programmers representative responsible for organising local meetups and growing the community in their city & region.


Becoming a city leader means belonging to a globally known movement with an established licensing model that provides you with opportunities for engaging in a unique approach with the local and global tech community. 

Your benefits as a city leader

Engage with a local & international tech community in a unique & exciting way

Build brand awareness to local & international tech community

Scale your software products or dev tools through Lazy programmer community 

Build Employer branding & get access to tech talent pool

Become a part of exclusive & truly unique global movement & get international visibility

Get unfair competitive advantage since you will gain exclusivity for engagement and visibility

Get exclusive offers first from Lazy programmer community


Get your city leader license right now!

500 Eur / year

Do you want to apply?

Got questions? We got answers! Read these FAQs carefully!

  • What is a city leader?
    A city leader is a local Lazy Nights for Lazy programmers representative in charge of organising meetups and growing the Lazy programmers community in their city.
  • How much of a commitment does the city leader need to make?
    We ask every city leader to commit to at least one year and at least one event every 3 months. If you want to organise more than 4 events per year, we’ll be thrilled to know you’re fostering such an active community!
  • Who can be a city leader?
    Any individual, team, start-up, scale-up, corporate or hub which is profoundly motivated to make a positive impact on the Lazy programmer community by leading a community that works towards empowering and expanding the community's prosperity & growth.
  • What type of events can the city leader organise with the city leader license?
    The events must be stand-alone (not organised as part of another event, conference, festival, etc) and open to the public. A nice and sexy venue for the meetup can help you to create a great vibe and build an amazing experience.
  • How can I become a city leader?
    You need to follow our application process. You’re already on the right path!
  • Can I monetize local Lazy Nights for Lazy programmers meetups?
    Yes, you can! This shouldn’t be your main motivation, though. You can charge for the entrance, sell merch, and/or seek sponsorships to cover costs and compensate yourself/your team for all the hard work. One thing we do ask is that you keep all prices accessible. Lazy Nights is about inclusivity and accessibility, not exclusivity.
  • What’s included in the city license?
    1. Brand licensing of an internationally recognized registered trademark. 2. Support and training from global coordinators. 3. City leader guide: a step-by-step manual to organising a successful Lazy Nights for Lazy programmers chapter. 4. Speakers’ manual: a guide for speakers on how to share their tips, tricks, productivity hacks, Demo and Beta projects or other tech stories on stage. 5. Marketing assets, visibility on Lazy programmer website, promotion on social networks, Discord channel, newsletter, access to a global tech meetup movement etc. In order to get a full offer, please apply here. 6. Local Exclusivity: only one organiser per city. 7. Belong to a global community of like-minded people.
  • What is my commitment as an organiser?
    1) Find a local venue with a great vibe for a meetup 2) Promote meetup on local media channels, communities, etc. 3) Invite speakers for Lazy Nights 4) Make sure the evening running smoothly 5) Take videos and pictures during meetup. No need to have special cam, your phone will work well for it! You will have autonomy for the program, just keep it with a positive vibe.
  • OK, that’s all clear, where do I sign?
    The next step is to complete the application form. We’ll review it and get back to you no later than 3 business days. Let's shake tech industry together!!
  • Is there any cost for acquiring one year city leader license?
    Yes, get the license now for 500 Euro per year.

Ready to apply, here you go!

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